signs of a struggling business

We’ve all seen businesses that are having a struggle: 

  • One that has out of date business stationary hanging round with the new stuff?
  • The staff that have different looking uniforms or business cards
  • Social media sites that are our of sync with logos, tag-lines, imagery and more
  • A website that’s out of date once the company has changed its logo; or lacking new packaging, products or staff photos.
How about this one: an organisation where two public-facing people portray a different image or values? (was I really thinking of politics?)
And what do people think when they see this?
  1. They are struggling
  2. They are disorganised
  3. I’m not sure I want to engage with them.

That’s all right if you’re selling second hand books because they see what they are getting immediately. But if you are delivering anything you’ve made, that you have to work on or in any way establish trust for, you’re half way sunk!

Be honest though: are you struggling with your business branding? Is it planned? Is it coherent? Is it working? 

80% of small businesses answer NO to these questions.

"Branding is a deliberate act. It has to be planned to succeed!"
Steve Barnes
Creative Lead
Our culture runs on branding.  People are less willing to buy from a brand they don’t recognise.
That means you need to have your branding together in order to be seen. The problem is, it’s not difficult to dilute your brand without even realising you’re doing it!

People prefer to buy brands they recognise.

addressing your branding dilemma

Ballarat Business Media offers a really important BRANDING SERVICE to our clients.
I’ll see where your existing energy is going, and how coherent your message is. Then we’ll create plan to go forward, and very deliberately go about creating media for your unified image.
We’ll recommend one of two process:
Whichever path you choose, Ballarat Business Media is able to help you get a complete media presence for your business.


It has never been easier to get a coherent, solid brand with our help.

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