A fake interview, just for fun!

I’m a presenter at Good News Radio in Ballarat, Australis. I do Saturday lunchtime. It’s a great gig. I get to play music I love and talk about stuff that’s important to me.

One artist I really love is Zach Williams. He’s got a southern rock sound and a gravely voice, and a real passion in the way he sings.

I’ve put in a gravelly voice when introducing his songs a few times and it’s got a laugh, so last Saturday I had a bit of fun by ‘interviewing him’. If you want a laugh, have a listen!

I’d you don’t knew his music, have a quick listen to this song for a few minutes so you know his voice and you’ll understand where I’m coming from. https://youtu.be/8R4tdF2s42w. Then enjoy my fake interview and leave a comment! ?

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