This ‘Bite Sized Business Session’ will help you take a strategic look at your product and service offerings; how they connect to your target market; and whether your pricing connects to your value proposition and is psychologically on target.

‘Bite Sized Business Sessions’ is a new category of introductory services we’re offering for 2019 to help Ballarat businesses take a short, sharp inventory of their business operations. The idea is to  focusing on a strategic function; giving immediate benefit to the business owner.

Buying in or developing the right products and services isn’t just about what you’re good at or what you can find that you think might sell. If you want to have a sustainable business, you have to plan your offerings based on:

  1. your capability and resources
  2. your target demographics and geography
  3. the value proposition from #1 to #2!

Presenting your offerings effectively is based on both actual and perceived value to your target market. If you haven’t done this before, it’s an important step in being intentional about your business!

Price is of course the result of perceived value of your offering to your target market. You need to make your product look as good as you can in their eyes. Pricing will convince them to buy if they think the offering is worth the price. Psychological pricing is long proven strategy used by many mature retailers in their operations.

This session will help put your product & service offerings into perspective. We’ll work through:

  1. Strategic business context
  2. Your capabilities in producing or sourcing offerings
  3. Your target demographics and geography
  4. The value proposition of your offerings
  5. The pricing strategy for your offerings and implications of psychological pricing.
Session Length (minutes)

90 minutes




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