The BPM Olympics

I saw the original of this post in LinkedIn, thanks to Daniel James Rayner, who interviewed me some months ago for the Process Pioneers series. Given the Olympics are on, the swim-lane approach is very, very good!

In my years of experience, it’s the non-technology areas that pose the biggest challenges to process improvement and automation projects. Sponsorship is vital, but so are Process Owners. Getting the team into a Process Mindset is incredibly important, otherwise there will be constant lack of understanding and even passive aggression towards change agents! In the end, if you can get management, process owners and teams onboard, and funds yourself a couple if champions who really get it; the technology solution, although a big leap, is often not too troublesome. This is especially so when people start to talk in terms of Organisational Roles, BPMN, KPIs and Process Data! Once you’ve got an organisation doing that, they are three technology as an enabler and push into it positively to get a result.

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