"At Ballarat Business Media our website design process steps through marketing strategy, concept, audience, value proposition, structure, content, media and more. The result is that customers have a complete marketing platform, and aren't left holding a lame duck website."
Steve Barnes
Creative Lead

the low down...

Web Sites don’t have to be a disaster!
There are a lot of used car salesmen in the website trade.

Don't get caught!

Choose someone with a solid history in website development.

Let us help you with...
Web Site Requirements
Getting a good idea of what you should say and how to structure and say it just has to happen if you’re going to have a successful site.

Website Design & Build
A website that will really suits you and that does what you need it to do!
Digital Media for your website
Implementing various media, like diagrams, photography, video, voice and music into your site
Social Connection
Connecting your site through to social media, newsletters, external media and sites, and other beneficial assets that build your profile

Basic package an amazingly low $599 grab one today!

our free initial consultation

That’s right: I’ll give you upto 60 minutes of my time for free. No obligation. You’ll walk away with a better feel for your website needs, and ideas about how you can address them. You’ll walk away knowing if we’re the right people to help you!


After the consultation
After the consultation, we'll generally make you an offer
(normal path)

If we've got enough clarity, we'll make an offer to build your website for a price
(occasional path)

We'll offer consulting to help you refine your concept so we have more clarity. We'll take you on an exploratory and tease out the what, why, how and who (and even where) of your business and how you need to relate it to potential customers.
"You're going to love our approach to websites. You'll know you're in good, friendly and trustworthy hands; and we'll be with you to make your website a real success."
Steve Barnes
Creative Lead

we work with you

We’ll work with you during development of your site. We’ll put in our experience to coach you on decisions; and you’ll get to decide what gets written.

We’ll work through how to write for your audience; what kind of photography and media you use; how to present offers and more!

You’re going to love this experience, because it works well and you remain in control.


check points and extras

Our first baseline is your marketing strategy!

We work to fulfil your marketing strategy, and ensure your site is a coherent statement and reinforces your branding, thus helping consumers to trust you and lowering the barrier to making a buying decision.

We have check points along the way in our process, where we cement things so we can move onto the next task with confidence.  This gives us the very best best chance of producing a site that really makes sense and works well.

Don’t be left with a website that resembles a plateful of spaghetti!

Book your FREE initial consultation NOW to start your great experience of developing your website with us!

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