Ballarat Business Media used KDE Plasma on KDE Neon OS

What in the Windows!

There are always questions flying round about Windows vs Mac What’s frequently missing from the conversation is Linux for desktop.

Here’s my fabulous Linux desktop setup: (KDE Neon desktop and Darktable images are actual desktop snapshots)


KDE Neon Linux integrates with cloud accounts and storage and is so reliable and functional!


  • AS Rock x370 TaiChi motherboard
  • AMD Ryzen 7-2700 CPU
  • Gigabyte NVIDIA 1050Ti graphics card
  • 32Gb fast RAM. 
  • 1 x SSD for the OS
  • 1 x SSD for cache
  • 1 x SSD for video work files  (intensive)
  • 1 x large HDD for photos and consulting work
  • Backup drives!
  • Google’s Workspace Cloud (

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